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Hi, I’m Clive and this is my story. Born into a non-churchgoing family in 1942 in Woodhouse, Leeds   I had a happy childhood, loved and cared for by parents who had very little materially to give their family of 5 children, but gave us the very best they could. Not least they set us an example of how we should try to live, despite their own imperfections.

As time went on I became aware that I could not keep this moral code, based as it was on the ten commandments. In my search for help and an answer to life’s questions at the age of 17 I wrote to the local vicar as a result of the influence of my best friend (and future brother-in-law).

The vicar was delighted, and had me baptized and confirmed in next to no time. I must point out that my father refused to have any of us baptised after the death of our brother Barry at 11 months old.

For the next 3 years I attended church and joined the church youth club. I was trying to live out the Christian life as I saw it, but in my early twenties I left home to ...more