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What is alpha?

A discipleship course which covers the basics of the faith:

who is Jesus

why did he die

how can I be sure of my faith

who is the Holy Spirit and what does he do

why and how should I read the bible

how and why do I pray

what about the church.

Click here to watch a short trailer video on Alpha

Who’s it for?


who doesn’t come to church and doesn’t know the first thing about the faith

who is new to church and the faith

who has been coming to church for a while, has a faith and wants to get some firm grasp of what it’s all about.

Forget the old format of a man standing talking from the front of a church.   

Think of a journey – a journey that takes you from London to Jerusalem and Galilee, Vancouver, New York, Rome  - a journey with Jesus.   

Who is he? – Why did he die? – Where do I fit in? Wherever you are on your journey with Jesus, this will help fill in some gaps and take you a bit further on.  


If this is something you’d be interested in doing in September/October or you want more details, please ring Monica on O7875 O89487 or email monicadunham @ dsl.pipex.com